Blockade of Histamine Receptors Suppresses Intestinal Anaphylaxis In Peanut Allergy

Simultaneous pre-treatment with antihistamines that block both the H1 and H4 antihistamine receptors suppressed the gastrointestinal symptoms of food allergy in mice, according to researchers at National Jewish Health. 

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Exacerbations of COPD Accelerate Lung-Function Loss

Exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) accelerate the loss of lung function especially among patients with mild disease, according to researchers at National Jewish Health and other institutions. 

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Survey: Common Asthma Warnings Overlooked

A new national asthma survey commissioned by National Jewish Health shows that many adults are unaware of common symptoms of asthma in adults. Doctors say that the findings explain why many adults with asthma may not realize that they have the disease, and don’t seek treatment that can help them.

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National Jewish Health Faculty Earn Three Awards From the American Thoracic Society



Charles Daley, MD, Irina Petrache, MD, and James Crapo, MD,  will be recognized at the 2016 American Thoracic Society International Meeting for their contributions to pulmonary medicine

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Parental Caregivers Lose Sleep when Children have Chronic Illness

Parental Caregivers Lose Sleep when Children have Chronic IllnessParents of children with atopic dermatitis, asthma or on ventilator assistance report poor sleep quality, insomnia and chronic sleep disruption, according to researchers at National Jewish Health. In total, caregivers of children with these chronic illnesses average about an hour less sleep per night than caregivers of healthy children.

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April 2015:
Include Men In Osteoporosis Screening Guidelines

December 2014:
Study Links The Liquid Used In E-cigarettes To An Increased Risk Of Viral Infections

August 2014:
After Watching Disturbing Video, CPAP Usage Soars

July 2014:
Wet Wraps Cut Need for Drugs in Kids With Eczema

May 2014:
Those With Ragweed Allergies Will Get New Relief This Fall, Thanks To Timely FDA Approval Of New Therapy

April 2014:
E-Cigarettes Helping Spark New iSmoke Generation

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