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The strategic plan is a 10-year vision that will guide us as we grow and pioneer personalized medicine. The essence of the plan is the true integration of our research, clinical and educational efforts at the point of the patient.

Embracing this strategic plan will enable us to build on the outstanding history of National Jewish Health and to extend our excellence as leaders in the research and treatment of respiratory, immune and related diseases.

Our Strategy:

  • Research: Build a more complete research continuum that integrates clinical, translational and basic research to promote innovation and collaboration.

  • Clinical: Recruit the finest faculty and staff to support our mission; increase patient care to support greater breadth and depth of services; improve quality and performance; and take a leadership role in individualized medicine and personalized healthcare.

  • Faculty: Accelerate the growth of the faculty in areas related to clinical, translational and basic science while developing the next generation of leaders.

  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Pursue ventures, including commercialization of research and wellness programs, that generate returns sufficient to fund growth initiatives and mission-related activities.

  • Philanthropy: Increase our donor base and create funding opportunities for major donors to support innovative programs, research and faculty growth.