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Chair, Board of Directors
Principal of Academy Partners Group

Evan ZuckerMr. Zucker is a Principal of Academy Partners Group, a private investment firm based in Denver with a variety of real estate and property technology related business interests in the US and Mexico.

Until recently, Mr. Zucker served as a Partner at Ares Management Corp (NYSE:ARES) and as Chair of the Ares Industrial Real Estate Group. With over 150 million square feet across multiple investment funds, Ares is a top-5 owner and developer of industrial real estate in the United States.

Prior to joining Ares in 2021, Mr. Zucker was a Principal at Black Creek Group, a real estate private equity and investment management firm that he co-founded in 1993. Ares Management Corp acquired Black Creek Group’s US real estate business in July 2021.

During his tenure at both Black Creek Group and Ares, Mr. Zucker cofounded and served as Chairman of the Board of several industrial-focused real estate investment trusts and funds that owned, operated and developed warehouse and logistics assets in key markets across the US. He also served as CEO of DCT Industrial Trust from its inception in 2002 through the time of its public listing (NYSE:DCT) in 2006.

Mr. Zucker was active in a variety of real estate activities for Black Creek Group during its nearly 30-year history, and over that time he oversaw, along with his colleagues, the acquisition and development of several thousand commercial real properties with a total value in excess of $25 billion.

Mr. Zucker has been involved with a variety of philanthropic and charitable causes over the years. He has served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations, including on the Board of the Denver Zoo, and currently serves on the Board of National Jewish Health, which he joined in 1993. Mr. Zucker is also a member of Colorado Concern.

Mr. Zucker holds a B.A. from Stanford University in Economics.