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Personalized MedicineFor centuries, the traditional approach in medicine has been largely reactive: the patient visited a doctor, a symptom-based diagnosis of an illness was made, treatment was prescribed, and the patient may have recovered or revisited the physician for further investigation or another trial of therapy. Symptoms of disease were, and often still are, the driving force for seeking medical attention.


A New Era 

National Jewish Health physicians and researchers are at the forefront of a new era in healthcare that embraces a personalized, preventive approach to medicine. We understand that each person is unique, and their variations in diet, environment, personal habits and DNA all influence their individual health. That is why two different people are exposed to certain conditions and only one gets sick and why certain treatments may work for one person and not for another.


Proactive Approach 

With a focus on personalized medicine, our researchers are looking at environment-gene interaction and making strides in predicting, preventing, treating and tracking  many diseases. This proactive approach to medicine means that if you have a disease, or the probability of getting a disease, it may be detected sooner so that you may live longer, healthier and with a better quality of life. Our research is truly transforming the lives of millions. By using an individual's DNA to predict and prevent disease, to guide the right choice of therapy to limit side effects and bring higher success rates for treatments and to be able to track the effects of these therapies, National Jewish Health is working to improve healthcare for the future.  


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