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National Jewish Health Adds Pennsylvania, Michigan as Clients for Quitline Services


National Jewish Health, through two national competitive bidding processes, has won awards for two additional  clients for its QuitLine tobacco-cessation services: the states of Pennsylvania and Michigan. National Jewish Health already operates QuitLines for nine other states – Colorado, Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota and Utah – as well as for numerous health plans and employers. In addition, we provide its QuitLogix, web-based service for the state of South Dakota. The two new clients build upon National Jewish Health’s leadership influence and growing market share in the tobacco-cessation industry. 


“National Jewish Health quitlines have been extremely effective at improving  health and reducing healthcare costs,” said David Tinkelman, MD, Vice President of Health Initiatives at National Jewish Health.  “With each new client, we build on our ability to help people to reduce their cigarette smoking and even totally stop their tobacco use.  This reduction in smoking and smoking cessation has been shown by many to be effective in reducing healthcare expenditures and providing an excellent return on investment.”

The National Jewish QuitLine is a telephonic counseling program available to individuals who are ready to quit or just thinking about it. Each caller can choose to receive self-guided cessation information or to enroll in a five-session telephone-counseling program delivered by highly trained coaches. The intensive one-on-one program offers quit plans customized for each participant, up to five proactive coaching sessions, unlimited telephonic support and the potential for free medications to help in the quitting process. Information and coaching are available in English and Spanish.

Only three to five percent of people trying to quit tobacco on their own are successful, but more than 30 percent of callers reported being tobacco-free 6 months after enrolling in QuitLines operated by National Jewish Health.

Pennsylvania and Michigan are the sixth and eighth largest states in the nation with a combined population of more than 22 million people. That brings the total population served by National Jewish Health QuitLines to more than 60 million people.

Both Pennsylvania and Michigan have smoking rates of 20 percent, which are comparable to the national average.

Tobacco-users wanting to quit can call a national number, 1-800-QUIT-NOW, and will be directed to their individual state QuitLine.

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