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Dr. Nabeel Hamzeh Awarded $80,000 for Sarcoidosis Research


Nabeel Hamzeh, MD, assistant professor of medicine at National Jewish Health, has received an American Thoracic Society/Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research grant, which will support Dr. Hamzeh’s research into the role of antioxidant therapy for this devastating lung disease. The grant provides $40,000 in funding per yearfor two years.

Sarcoidosis is a potentially fatal disease that targets multiple organs. The lungs are affected in 90% of patients, but the illness can also afflict the heart, eyes,central nervous system, liver and kidneys. Very small clusters of inflammationor white cells, called granulomas, are seen in the organs affected with sarcoidosis. These granulomas may clear up on their own, or cause permanentscarring. It is not known how patients become ill with sarcoidosis, and there currently is no cure. Dr. Hamzeh’s research will investigate the role of oxidative stress in sarcoidosis and whether administering an oral nontoxictherapy (Na-cetyl-cysteine) will improve outcomes in patients.

National Jewish Health is one of the nation’s leading research and treatment centers for sarcoidosis.

The Foundation for Saroidosis Research (FSR) is the nation’sleading non-profit organization dedicated to improving care for sarcoidosispatients and to finding a cure for this disease. Over the last seven years, FSR has awarded nearly $1 million to support innovative research projects leading to an additional $1.2 million in subsequent funding to investigators. 

Since 2004, the Foundation of the ATS has awarded nearly $10 million in grants to 105 junior researchers investigating a wide spectrum of lung diseases, ranging from asthma and COPD to pulmonary fibrosis and alpha-1antitrypsin. The program has also funded the career development of 24 pulmonary and critical care fellows. Grants range from $80,000 to $100,000 over a two-year period.

The ATS Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the American Thoracic Society, whose mission is to improve health worldwide by advancing research, clinical care and public health in respiratory disease, critical illness and sleep disorders.

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