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National Jewish Faculty Provide Answers for ABC News


National Jewish faculty collaborated with ABC News to develop a series of frequently asked questions about allergy and asthma for its OnCall section. In addition to determining the important questions and screening all answers, several faculty also videotaped short answers to questions. Below are links to short videos featuring National Jewish faculty.


Seasonal Allergies

What are seasonal allergies?

What are typical seasonal allergy symptoms?

What can cause seasonal allergies at different times of the year?

How do I properly make sense of pollen counts, and are they accurate?

How does my geographic location affect my seasonal allergy symptoms?

If I have asthma, do I also have seasonal allergies?

Can I develop seasonal allergies as an adult?



Are there lab tests that can be done to determine if a reaction was due to anaphylaxis?

What are common causes of anaphylaxis?

What other diagnoses can resemble anaphylaxis?

How is anaphylaxis treated?

What complications occur as a result of anaphylaxis?

Do I need to carry Benadryl and epinephrine?

How do I properly administer an epinephrine shot?

Is liquid or 'fast-melt' Benadryl better than pills?

Are there certain risk factors for death from anaphylaxis?


Atopic Dermatitis

What are some of the common symptoms of atopic dermatitis?

Will my child outgrow his/her atopic dermatitis?

How do we find out if food allergies are causing my child's atopic dermatitis?

Asthma Treatment

What are the categories of medicines used to treat asthma?

What are some of the specific medications that are used to treat asthma?

Why do I have to take medication even when I'm not having an asthma attack?

What is peak flow monitoring?

Children and Asthma

How long will my child need daily medications for asthma?

At what age can I entrust my child with their asthma medication?

Will allergy shots get rid of my asthma?

Other Video

National Jewish allergy research overview

Food challenges

Non-medical allergy relief tips

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