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Diversity & Inclusion Statement

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Diversity  and Inclusion Logo. No informationNational Jewish Health is one of the most diverse hospitals in Colorado and a world leader in medicine and science. In order to uphold our core value of respect, all team members work together to create an inclusive environment by showing respect and understanding for each other.

Our institution is committed to enhancing the diversity, cultural competence, skill, and performance of our workforce. Our ability to understand and respond to a variety of cultural needs enables and empowers our employees to foster meaningful connections and effective communication with both our patients and colleagues.

National Jewish Health is committed to:

  • Delivering culturally competent care and services to all patients in order to increase their satisfaction and retention;

  • Creating a culturally competent environment for all employees in order to increase their satisfaction and retention;

  • Recruiting, hiring, retaining and engaging a diverse workforce;

  • Ensuring new employees at National Jewish Health receive diversity and inclusion training as part of their onboarding.