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Prescription Renewals

Make an Appointment

To get a prescription renewed, contact your preferred pharmacy.

They will communicate with your doctor at National Jewish Health regarding your renewal. Working with your pharmacy is the fastest and easiest way to get your prescription renewed.  

You can also call our phone line for a prescription renewal at 1. 877.225.5654 and choose option 3. If you have additional needs or question, you can also press 4 to be connected to a phone nurse.

Additionally, you may request a prescription renewal online by logging on to your MyChart account. Log in or create an account now

Tips for When You Renew a Prescription

  • Plan ahead for your renewals. Don't wait until you are completely out of your medication to contact the pharmacy.

  • Give the pharmacy and doctors time to renew your medications. A good rule of thumb is to request a renewal when you notice you have seven to 10 days' worth of medication remaining. If your prescription is out of refills, the pharmacy will have to contact your doctor to request additional refills; this may take a few days before the pharmacy gets the okay from your doctor.

  • Sign up for automatic prescription renewals. Many pharmacies provide automatic renewal services to help you manage your medication supply.

  • Take advantage of mail order prescriptions.  If you have the option, mail order pharmacies provide a 90-day supply of your medicines.