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We value your time and understand that you have a choice when it comes to your health care and choosing a provider. To help us better serve you, please complete and bring with you to your appointment the following items mentioned below. View campus services and facilities




What to Bring to Your First Appointment

  • Completed Patient Questionnaire Patient Questionnaire. A Patient Questionnaire and a Release of Information form are included in your patient packet.
  • List of all of your doctors, including addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers
  • Copies of any relevant medical records 
  • Copies of radiology tests on CD
  • Insurance card & Co-payment
  • Photo ID
  • All medications, vitamins and herbal supplements or a list of these items, including dosage and frequency 
  • Copy of your Advanced Directives

Free Materials

Download Test Facts to prepare for your child's test.

Download Med Facts and Understanding Booklets to learn more about your child's disease.

Arrival Time

For adult appointments, please check in at the Admissions Desk just inside the main entrance 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Families should arrive at the time given to them by their Patient Administrative Coordinator and report to the Department of Pediatrics at our main campus location. Should your arrival time be delayed, please call 303.398.1239.


Appointment Check-In

Check in before your scheduled appointment at the the admissions desk just inside the main entrance. An admissions representative will validate your insurance information, have you sign required paperwork and collect any required co-payments. Patients who arrive late may need to be rescheduled.


Appointment Cancellations

Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment. Patients who repeatedly cancel their appointments with less than 24 hours notice or do not show up for their appointments may not be allowed to schedule future appointments. The treating physician at National Jewish Health will make this decision.


Special Accommodations

National Jewish Health can accommodate patients with vision, hearing, oxygen, or other special needs. We also offer interpretation or translation services. Please call us at 303.398.1355 to let us know of the patient’s special needs prior to the scheduled appointment. Please contact our Patient Representative for other accommodations, auxiliary aides or services at 303.398.1076.


What to Expect During Your Stay

Patients who live outside the Denver area are generally scheduled for a four to seven day visit. This often requires you to stay over the weekend. In addition, two to three appointments with your treating physician as well as diagnostic testing, health education, specialty physician consultations, and rehabilitation treatment may be scheduled. The clinic staff will provide you with a written schedule of appointments every day.