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We want you to feel as comfortable as you can when you arrive for your appointment at National Jewish Health. Here's some helpful information so you'll know what to expect when you arrive.

During Your Visit


In Case of Emergency

Once you have arrived in Denver, if your child needs medical attention before the day of admission or while you are off the National Jewish Health campus, call the Pediatric Nurse Line, 303.398.4461, where your child can receive immediate care.  If your child is having significant breathing problems or other emergent conditions, call 911.


Patient Safety

It is necessary for us to take special precautions to protect all of our patients and families from contagious infections. If you/your child shows any signs or symptoms of infection you/they may be placed in isolation until this can be confirmed by our diagnostic lab. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but this is to protect other patients who may have compromised immune systems.


Length of Stay

Anticipated length of treatment varies from patient to patient and depends upon whether your child is considered a local or non-local patient.

Local Patients
For local patients, we will schedule a 1-hour first-time evaluation appointment with the physician. For patients scheduled into the Asthma Allergy Clinic, allergy skin testing, which lasts 45-minutes, will also be scheduled, when necessary. Allergy skin testing will be done at the physician's discretion and  after discussion with the parents. A follow-up appointment is advised to discuss treatment and test results.

Non-Local Patients
For non-local patients, we will schedule a seven (7) day visit. Generally, this will require you to stay over the weekend. We will schedule three (3) appointments with the same physician spaced out over the seven (7) days. The first appointment will last 90-minutes, the following two (2) lasting 30-minutes each. We schedule in this manner, so that you and your child are locally available should the physician need to order any tests or procedures during your child's stay.


Where To Stay

During your time at National Jewish Health, lodging and transportation is the responsibility of your family to arrange. Please visit the travel information section for a list of local hotels and non-profit facilities that offer special discounted rates to National Jewish Health patients.


Where To Be During The Day

Our patient census varies from day to day; therefore, there may not always be a private room for you and your child, but you will have access to the common areas on the unit. We will, however, try to accommodate your needs to the best of our capabilities. You will be provided with a locker to store your belongings/valuables.


Family Members and Visitors

Certain tests/appointments only allow for the patients and their guardians to be present. If additional siblings are present, additional caregivers are required. There is no childcare provided, and all children must be supervised at all times.



Breakfast and lunch are provided for patients Monday through Friday. Parents can purchase meals in our cafeteria to eat with their children on the unit. If you prefer to bring food from off campus, you will have access to a refrigerator and a microwave.