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Connecting Your Health Information to Apps

Woman reviewing health apps on her phoneNational Jewish Health is committed to providing you the tools you need to manage your health. You now have the ability to connect your health data to a compatible health information app.


Apps Available to National Jewish Health Patients

  • MyLinks
  • Apple Health – Coming soon


How to Connect MyLinks

  1. Login to your National Jewish Patient Portal account.

  2. On the left hand navigation, under My Account, click on “Patient Access.”

  3. Select the patient you are requesting access to.

  4. Read through the information and click “Request Access” near the bottom of the page.

    • This notifies staff at NJH that you would like access to a health information app.

  5. Within 72 business hours you will receive an email invitation with a link to register. The link will take you to a webpage asking you to “Sign Up and Connect.” You will verify your identity, and create a username (email) and password.

    • Note: The page you are directed to will have an Allscripts logo on it. This is the technology provider for National Jewish Health electronic medical records.

  6. Download MyLinks from the app store onto your phone.

  7. Create a MyLinks account and select “My records”

  8. Search for and select “National Jewish Health” in their list of providers.

  9. Once selected, you will be directed back to the webpage to use the credentials you set up in step five.

  10. MyLinks will gather your records and send you a notification when they are available, the time will vary depending on how many records it is retrieving.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want to share my information with a health information app?
You can continue to use My National Jewish Health Patient Portal without sharing your health care information.

Is my health data protected if I share my information with an app?
The health data you chose to share with a compatible health information app may no longer be subject to federal laws and regulations that apply to an individual's protected health information.

Sharing your health information with a healthcare app may result in further disclosure beyond your control. By proceeding, it will allow the health information app to access your personal health information. Vendors that develop healthcare apps may be subject to different laws and regulations than healthcare institutions. Please review Terms of Use and the specific vendor's policies of the application you choose.

Who to contact for technical support?
National Jewish Health does not provide technical support for any third-party health information apps. For general questions, you may email

Don't see your Health Information App listed?
Our electronic health record provider continues to work with the health information app vendors to ensure compatibility. Please check back soon for updates to the health information apps available to National Jewish Health patients.


Please Note

  • Provider notes are not available via the app at this time.

  • Each time you want to refresh your records, you will have to sign in with credentials from step 5 again.

  • The National Jewish Health Patient Portal and the health information app are not connected. Because of this, your login information might be different. Also, the information displayed might look unfamiliar or have missing results.

  • At this time you cannot link any family members