Patient Flu Shots

Below find important information regarding flu vaccines for patients.

Flu shots for patients at Main Campus, Highlands Ranch and South Denver are currently available for patients with clinic appointments. Starting Monday, October 2, we will open the walk-in clinic for flu vaccination at main campus.

  • The CDC recommends universal vaccination for everyone over six months of age.

  • We stock high dose vaccine intended for high risk patients over 65. Patients over 65 will receive the high dose vaccine.

  • Flu shots are available for current National Jewish patients, not the general public. At the discretion of the physician, family members of high-risk patients may also be vaccinated. We are unable to bill insurance for family members who are not National Jewish patients; they will be required to pay at the time of service.

  • We will continue to bill most patient insurances this year if scheduled for a physician appointment. For most patients who walk in for a flu shot without a physician appointment the flu vaccination will continue to be self-pay. Consistent with prices in the community, we are billing $30 for the regular dose and $50 for the high dose. Patients without insurance coverage for flu shots will be required to pay at the time of service. CICP does not cover flu vaccine, and Medicaid requires patients to go to a designated location.

  • Pediatric and Highlands Ranch patients need to schedule an appointment for flu vaccine if not here for a clinic appointment.

 Reported Flu activity is very low across the country currently. Colorado region tends to see flu infections later than many other states as well, so our best way to improve the health of our patient population is to encourage vaccination.