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Our primary research mission is to conduct state-of-the-art research examining the risk factors, impact, and management of the psychosocial consequences of chronic illnesses. Our faculty are committed to conducting research examining both the basic mechanisms that underlying psychosocial issues in health and illness and applied clinical studies to improve treatment.

Our programs range from those examining underlying biological mechanisms of illness (e.g., immune factors that impact cognitive function in lupus) to applied treatments to motivate healthy behavior changes (e.g., improving adherence to medical treatment and smoking cessation).

Our goals are to improve our understanding of biomedical and sociobehavioral factors that impact psychosocial functioning in chronic illness, improve the effectiveness of treatment and enhance patients' quality of life.

Our research is supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, private research foundations, the state of Colorado and National Jewish Health. We collaborate with colleagues in several departments and centers at National Jewish Heath, the University of Colorado Denver and other institutions to work toward our goals.

Learn about our current research projects.


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    The Behavioral Research Center was developed as a cooperative research organization to facilitate research projects examining behaviors, emotions, family and psychosocial factors related to asthma and other respiratory diseases. Learn more about the Behavioral Research Center and current research projects.

  • Neuropsychology Research Laboratory
    The adult neuropsychology service at National Jewish is designed to provide assessment of brain function in patients with pulmonary and immune disease. Our laboratory has a number of ongoing projects and research interests. Learn more about current neuropsychology research.

  • CCTSI Behavioral Medicine Core Laboratory (BMCL)
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