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Behavioral Medicine Core Lab (BMCL)

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The Behavioral Medicine Core Lab (BMCL) located in the Clinical Research Unit at National Jewish Health is a part of the Colorado Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CCTSI).

The BMCL allows investigators to conduct standardized behavioral medicine questionnaires from any CCTSI Network site. It includes a lab area (work stations, data and device storage) and an audio and video-equipped interview room.

Our Services

  • Psychiatric Diagnosis and Assessment (including structure psychiatric interviews and assessments)

  • Interpersonal Assessment (including observational coding and questionnaire based measures of marital, family, parent-child and patient-provider interaction

  • Treatment Adherence Assessment (including support for electronic adherence monitoring for pill bottles and inhalers)

  • Health Outcomes Assessment (e.g., quality of life, illness severity)