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Healthy Homes, Healthy Kids - Breathing Better in Denver

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Healthy Homes, Healthy Kids - Breathing Better in Denver is a collaborative project between National Jewish Health and Northeast Denver Housing Center funded by an $875,000 three-year research grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The major goal of this study is to determine whether a low-cost, sustainable home assessment and intervention system for indoor asthma triggers can successfully reduce asthma triggers and asthma symptoms in low-income Northeast Denver homes.

Initiative Overview

  • 112 homes were evaluated for asthma triggers
  • Individualized plans were created that included education, cleaning supplies, and possible physical repairs to reduce occupant exposure to potential asthma triggers such as pollen, mold and animal dander



  • In 60 of the participating homes, National Jewish Health contracted with the Northeast Denver Housing Center to make repairs intended reduce the potential allergy triggers
  • Prior to any physical work done on the home, homeowners signed written agreements outlining specific repairs that would be made, while acknowledging that some asthma triggers might remain following completion of the work
  • Fifty-nine of 60 homeowners where the research study and remediation were performed approved the completed work.

In February 2012, CBS Denver (KCNC-TV) alerted National Jewish Health that one homeowner is dissatisfied with the work done on their home, and that mold is present. While complete elimination of mold or other asthma triggers is never guaranteed, staff from National Jewish Health and the Northeast Denver Housing Center will return to that home to identify potential remaining mold.