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Alexandra McCubbrey, PhD headshot

Alexandra McCubbrey, PhD

Assistant Professor


2014: University of Michigan, PhD, Immunology
2008: Kalamazoo College, BA, Biology


Dr. McCubbrey has been studying lung macrophages and the engulfment of apoptotic cells (efferocytosis) and other cell corpses since 2008. After receiving a K99/R00 from the NHLBI to study macrophage metabolism in response to efferocytosis, she started her research lab at National Jewish Health in 2020. Her laboratory works to understand mechanisms of tissue repair and fibrosis through the study of lung phagocytes and their engulfment of cell corpses. Outside of lab she enjoys cooking, hiking, and working on house projects with her partner. Her phone is full of pictures of food and her cat.

Stephanie Bersie, MS

Graduate Student


2023: University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus, MS, Pharmaceutical Sciences – Molecular and Systems Toxicology Track
2014: University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, BS, Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development; Neuroscience Minor


Stephanie joined the McCubbrey lab in 2023 and is conducting research for her PhD thesis in Toxicology. Her thesis project focuses on mechanisms of particulate transfer from cell corpses and will also compare immunometabolism of resident versus recruited alveolar macrophages. Her MS focused on T cell-mediated heavy metal hypersensitivities in joint implant failure. Her professional research background has spanned from immunology, neuro-ophthalmology, to NQO1 redox enzyme metabolism. In her free time, she enjoys doing art projects, baking, playing board or video games, and spending time with her partner and their two cats.  

Hope Chatwin headshot

Hope Chatwin

Lab Researcher


2019: Colorado State University, BS, Microbiology


Hope graduated from Colorado State University in 2019 with a BS in microbiology. She has been working in the McCubbrey lab since 2021. Her work focuses on lung fibroblasts and their response to apoptotic cells. In her spare time, Hope loves baking and playing Animal Crossing.

Shannon Hott headshot

Shannon Hott

Senior Lab Researcher


2017: University of Northern Colorado, BS, Cellular and Molecular Biology


Shannon has been working with Dr McCubbrey and Dr Mould since 2018.
Her research includes studying lung inflammation and repair in mice and human subjects, polyamine import, characterization of apoptotic clearance by macrophages, and the role of metallothioneins in murine macrophages. In her free time, Shannon enjoys spending time with her two children, family and friends, traveling, camping, and swimming.

Brian Tooker, MS, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow


2020: University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus , PhD, Toxicology                        
2003: Michigan State University, MS, Animal Science            
2000: Michigan State University, BS, Microbiology


Dr. Tooker started his career at Michigan State University where he received a BS and an MS studying the differential gene expression elicited in bovine macrophages following bacterial uptake. He then managed laboratories at both Iowa State University and the University of Colorado before obtaining a PhD in Toxicology. His PhD project centered on using mass spectrometry tools to study how real-world mixtures of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon alter monocyte metabolomes resulting in alterations to downstream macrophage immune metrics. Since joining the McCubbrey laboratory as a post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Tooker has focused his research on macrophage polyamine import increasing understanding of the effects of cell culture mixtures on polyamine end points.

Previous Lab Members:

Dr. Peter Moore, MD (Pulmonary Fellow, 2019-2022)

Angela Na (Undergraduate Researcher, 2022)

Joel Douglas (Undergraduate Researcher, 2021)