We seek to transform patient care from reactive to being both proactive and personalized. Therefore, we offer advanced testing services to detect diseases sooner so that your patients may live longer, healthier and with a better quality of life.


Diagnostic & Reference l Laboratories (Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories)

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Leveraging Academic Alliances ImageAdvanced Diagnostic Laboratories offers a comprehensive menu of laboratory assays, with extensive expertise in complement, immunology, molecular diagnostics, metals testing (beryllium and nickel) and mycobacteriology (TB & NTM). Learn more.



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Cardiac Imaging Order Form (PDF)
We provide comprehensive cardiology evaluation and consultation and non.invasive cardiac testing.


Division of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences

800.423.8891 ext. 1723


MetALLs Allergy Program (Metal allergy testing)

The MetALLs Allergy Program at National Jewish Health offers individualized allergy evaluation and diagnosis specific to metals and bone cement components used in joint replacements and implants.
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Beryllium Program

Beryllium lymphocyte proliferation testing (BeLPT) can be ordered by physicians to aid in the diagnosis of beryllium sensitization. To set up an account please contact the Beryllium Program at BerylliumGroup@njhealth.org or 1.800.423.8891, x1722.
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Institute for Advanced Biomedical Imaging

Fax: 303.270.2501
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We offer cutting.edge imaging technology (general and cardiac) in combination with some of the best chest radiologists. Our imaging technology includes PET/CT, 128 slice CT, DEXA, MRI, Echocardiography and more.


Lung Nodule Clinic

The Lung Nodule Clinic is designed to help diagnose, monitor and treat patients with previously identified or suspected lung nodules.


Pulmonary Physiology Services (PPS)

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We offer physicians and their patients state-of-the-art pulmonary diagnostic testing to assist with evaluation and treatment of patients. Testing includes exercise tests, pulmonary function test, gas exchanges tests, laryngoscopy and more.


Rehabilitation Services

The J. Leonard & Myra Levy Family Rehabilitation Department offers comprehensive, world-class rehabilitation services to patients of all ages.


Sleep Center

Fax: 303.270.2109
Sleep Center Referral Form (PDF)
Our board certified sleep medicine specialists, led by Teofilo Lee.Chiong, MD, work with referring physicians and patients to coordinate the appropriate level of diagnosis and treatment necessary for patient success.


Refer a Patient

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