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diagram of host and pathogen responseHost and pathogen response to bacteriophage engineered against Mycobacterium abscessus lung infection. 

Cell Volume 185, Issue 11, 26 May 2022, Pages 1860-1874.e12

Highlights: Treatment-refractory M. abscessus pulmonary infection was eradicated in a person with CF. Specific mycobacteriophages lysed the bacteria over the course of a year. M. abscessus did not acquire resistance to the phages. M. abscessus eradication occurred despite a partial antiphage antibody response.  Authors: Jerry A. Nick, Rebekah M. Dedrick, Alice L. Gray, ..., Fan Jia, Graham F. Hatfull, Rebecca M. Davidson Correspondence (J.A.N.), (G.F.H.)
In brief: Phage treatment of an individual with cystic fibrosis, advanced lung disease, and M. abscessus infection enabled a subsequent successful lung transplant.

Resources & Services

Blood Prep (HS-1285, Human Blood Product Isolation for Studies of Inflammation and Host Defense)

Blood is collected from healthy donors (no chronic conditions/medications, non-smoking, etc.) by certified staff in the Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) and then, blood is subsequently processed by the Nick Lab. Investigators may request to receive blood (in Vacutainer tubes) or blood products such as PMNs, PBMCs, and plasma to be used as experimental controls or for pilot studies. Blood preps are typically scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday mornings once per week.

For more information, please contact Emily Wheeler ( or Silvia Caceres (

The Nick Lab also helps facilitate and coordinate studies of NTM biomarkers by providing clinical samples and isolates linked to prospective NTM diagnostic and treatment trials. Samples may include sputum, saliva, serum, plasma, other blood products, urine, and NTM isolates. Please contact us if you would like to collaborate.