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Bowler Laboratory

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Current Projects

  • GWAS, Genome, Metabolome and proteome profiles of emphysema and airway disease
  • Cigarette smoke induces endogenous oxidant injury
  • Vaping effects on young adults
  • Using wearable sensors and AI/ML to detect COPD exacerbations while at home
  • New biologic therapy for COPD

Currently Enrolling Research Projects

  • Study of people ages 30-55 who have smoked tobacco cigarettes: NIH SOURCE study.
  • Study of people who vape ages 18-25: click here; contact Engel Elena.
  • Study of people with COPD and two exacerbations in the past year: email Maria Saucedo Garcia.
  • Study of people with COPD with a history of one exacerbation who want to use wearable sensors such as an Apple Watch: contact Engel Elena.