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Novel Targets for Prevention and Treatment of Airway Dysfunction

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Tech ID: 97-08

Research at National Jewish Health has identified novel and previously unknown relationships among members of a family of compounds that are collectively associated with airway fibrosis and airway remodeling in animal models of inflammatory lung disease. Airway fibrosis and remodeling have been shown to result in airway hyperresponsiveness or airflow limitations in patients with asthma or other inflammatory lung diseases. Selective use of one or more compounds in the family may offer novel approaches to treating such diseases by regulating immune function, inflammation, or airway fibrosis.


Potential Applications
Identification of compounds for treatment of inflammation and airway dysfunction in asthmatics or patients with other inflammatory lung diseases.


Advantages of Invention
Offers a set of targets for compounds that may reduce or prevent airway fibrosis, which is unaffected by steroids. Compounds regulating these newly characterized targets may offer an alternative to current anti-inflammatory agents, which have yielded mixed results and carry the risk of unwanted side effects.


State of Development
Relationships among the family of compounds has been demonstrated in animal models of inflammatory lung disease.


Further R&D Required

  • Development of optimal regulatory approach targeting one or more compounds within family of compounds.
  • Relevance to humans must be confirmed.


Patent and Licensing Status
U.S. patent # 6,248,723; available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing.


Charles G. Irvin, PhD


For Further Information, Contact:
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