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MAGP-2: An Extracellular Factor Shown to have Pro-Angiogenic Properties in vivo

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NJH ID: 06-05

Excessive angiogenesis has emerged as an essential feature of tumor development and appears to be regulated in part by extracellular matrix proteins. Scientists at National Jewish Health have identified an extracellular matrix protein (designated MAGP-2) that acts as a pro-angiogenic agent in vivo. 


Potential Applications

  • A target for inhibiting angiogenesis in cancer and other angiogenesis-dependent diseases
  • Stimulating neovascularization by administration of MAGP-2 to ischemic tissues in coronary artery disease, stroke, and delayed wound healing
  • A diagnostic biomarker, especially for cancer 


Advantages of Invention
Because of its extracellular nature, MAGP-2 can be easily detectable and targetable by antibody-based technologies for example. 


State of Development
Our scientists have shown the following:

In vitro:

  • MAGP-2 is over expressed in human uterine tumor samples and has been associated with ovarian and head & neck cancer
  • Endothelial cell expression of MAGP-2 increases during angiogenesis in vitro
  • MAGP-2 stimulates angiogenic sprouting in 3-dimensional collagen cultures
  • MAGP-2 increases endothelial cell proliferation and invasion in vitro

In vivo:

  • Significant enhancement of neovascularization when MAGP-2 was implanted into mice through matrigel plugs
  • MAGP-2 increases tumor size and angiogenesis in mice



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William P. Schiemann, PhD and Allan Albig, PhD


Patent Status
U.S. Patents #9,505,819,  #8,629,107 and #8,158,107. Other U.S. Patents Pending.


Licensing Status
This technology is available for licensing.


For Further Information, Contact:
Emmanuel Hilaire, PhD
Technology Transfer Office
National Jewish Health
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Denver, CO 80206
Voice: 303.398.1262
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