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C57BL/6 Transgenic Mice Strain Expressing GFP Ubiquitously

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Tech ID:  01-05

Research scientists at National Jewish Health have developed an UBI-GFP/BL6 transgenic mouse (C57BL/6 strain) that expresses GFP in all cell types. This characteristic is particularly useful to identify and follow the identification and fate of cells transplanted into another mouse.


Potential Applications

  • Organ and tissue transplantation

  • Tissue development, regeneration and repair

  • Immunology


Advantages of Invention

  • The UBI-GFP/BL6 transgenic mice are healthy and can be bred to homozygosity.

  • The UBI-GFP/BL6 transgenic mice were made directly in the C57BL/6 mouse strain.

  • The UBI-GFP/BL6 transgenic mice show remarkably uniform expression of GFP for each cell type studied.

  • No loss of GFP fluorescence due to metabolism or partitioning can be detected.

  • The GFP gene of these UBI-GFP/BL6 transgenic mice is expressed regardless of tissue type and developmental stage.


State of Development
Scientists have demonstrated by FACS analysis and microscopy that GFP is expressed throughout the mice and that the level of GFP expression is uniform for each cell type studied.



  • Schaefer, Brian C., Michele L. Schaefer, John W. Kappler, Philippa Marrack, and Ross M. Kedl. "Observation of Antigen-Dependent CD8 T-Cell/ Dendritic Cell Interactions in Vivo." Cellular Immunology 214.2 (2001): 110-22. Print. PMID: 12088410 (Opens in a new window).


Brian Schaefer, PhD; Philippa Marrack, PhD, and John Kappler, PhD


Licensing Status
Available for licensing.  

For Further Information, Contact:
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