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Interleukin-12 Based Therapy for Inflammatory Diseases

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Tech ID: 95-05

Summary - Researchers from National Jewish Health have demonstrated in vivo in a murine model of asthma that administration of IL-12 is effective at substantially improving airway hyperresponsiveness.


Potential Applications - Therapy for respiratory diseases such as asthma


Advantages of Invention

  • IL-12 is a natural substance therefore decreasing the possibility of toxic side effects

  • IL-12 could be aerosolized


State of Development - Treatment of a murine model of asthma with IL-12 decreases airway hyperresponsiveness by 80%.


Further R&D Required - In vivo study in other animal models


Patent - US patent # 5,674,483


Inventors - Charles Irvin, PhD and Yuan-Po Tu, MD, DVM


Publication - Kodama et al. Clin Exp. Immunol. 2003 Feb 131(2):199-205


Licensing Status - This technology is available for licensing


For Further Information, Contact:
Emmanuel Hilaire, PhD
Technology Transfer Office
National Jewish Health
1400 Jackson Street, Room M206b
Denver, CO 80206
Voice: (303) 398-1262
Fax: (303) 270-2352