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Method for T Lymphocyte Immunosupression

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Tech ID: 96-04

Researchers from National Jewish Health have developed and tested a novel method for T lymphocyte immunosuppression. The technology is based on conjugating a CD4 or CD2 molecule with an antibody specific for a cell surface marker. Therefore this technology inhibits CD4+ or CD4+ together with CD8+ T cells, respectively, immune stimulatory cells, without affecting other immune functions.


Potential Applications

  • Graft rejection
  • Autoimmune diseases


Advantages of Invention 
Only lymphocytes that are specific for antigens found on the grafted cells are target, eliminating any broad immunosuppression currently obtained with traditional treatments.


State of Development 
Technology has been demonstrated in vitro to inhibit CD4+ T cells by conjugating engineered antibody that express CD4 or CD2 molecules onto immune stimulatory cells.


Further R&D Required 
Demonstrating the efficacy of the technology in vivo.


US patents # 6,060,054 and 6,264,950




Uwe Staerz, MD, PhD


Licensing Status 
This technology is available for licensing


For Further Information, Contact:
Emmanuel Hilaire, PhD
Technology Transfer Office
National Jewish Health
1400 Jackson Street, Room M206b
Denver, CO 80206
Voice: (303) 398-1262
Fax: (303) 270-2352