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New Agar Medium for the Isolation and Testing Susceptibility of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Against D

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Tech ID: 00-05

Scientists at National Jewish Health have developed a new agar medium for the isolation of M. tuberculosis from patients. The medium can also be used for testing susceptibility of M. tuberculosis against various drugs such as pyrazinamide.


Potential Applications

  • Isolation of M. tuberculosis from patients specimens
  • Sub-cultivation of M. tuberculosis pure cultures
  • Direct and indirect susceptibility testing


Advantages of Invention

  • The medium can be used in regular incubators (without supplemental CO2)
  • The medium can be used at pH 6.0
  • The medium can be used for a test with pyrazinamide
  • The medium is using animal serum (bovine serum for example) instead of OADC
  • The medium is less expensive to produce
  • Pyrazinamide test can be performed more easily and faster


State of Development
The medium has been successfully tested to isolate M. tuberculosis and for susceptibility with pyrazinamide


Further R&D Required 
Susceptibility testing against other drugs


Heifets L. & Sanchez T. J Clin Microbiol. 2000 Apr; 38(4):1498-501.  PMID: 10747133


Patent Status
U.S.  Patents #6,579,694 and #6,951,733


Heifets L, PhD and Sanchez T.


Licensing Potential
Available for Licensing.


For Further Information, Contact:
Emmanuel Hilaire, PhD
Technology Transfer Office
National Jewish Health
1400 Jackson Street, Room M206b
Denver, CO 80206
Voice: 303.398.1262
Fax: 303.270.2352