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A Heritage of Health and Welfare
Helen Simons, PsyD, has never been a patient of National Jewish Health. No one in Helen’s family has been a patient either. Yet both Helen and her parents believed it was important to give to the hospital.

Charitable Gift Annuities Improve with Age
Warren Kramer escaped Nazi Germany through the Kindertransport to England.  As a refugee, he finished school and learned the printing trade, which turned into a lifelong career. Those proofreading skills failed him when he confused two charities, but he luckily stumbled across one he loves -- National Jewish Health. He now supports the hospital through high-interest charitable gift annuities.

Compassionate Care Worth Supporting
As someone who has worked in health care her entire career, Anne Smallwood immediately understood the difference compassionate, coordinated, expert care can make in the lives of those who have trouble breathing. The exceptional care National Jewish Health offers its patients inspired Anne to give a legacy gift to the institution.

For My Father
I became first a trustee and later a board member, and my wife Neva and I became donors because we never forgot what the organization did for my father. We continue to invest in the institution because National Jewish Health is a trusted leader and visionary in today’s challenging health care environment.

The Best Minds in Science Leave a Legacy of Giving
“We give where we can see an impact,” said Dr. Marrack. “At National Jewish Health, it is easy to see how gifts from us and others lead to breakthroughs in medicine.”

Wisconsin Donor Proudly Gives to Honor Husband
Lois M. Kaster is grateful that National Jewish Health helped her husband, Ben, better manage his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and asthma before he passed away in 2012. Now she honors his memory by supporting the nation’s leading respiratory hospital by investing in charitable gift annuities.