Compassionate Care Worth Supporting
As someone who has worked in health care her entire career, Anne Smallwood immediately understood the difference compassionate, coordinated, expert care can make in the lives of those who have trouble breathing. The exceptional care National Jewish Health offers its patients inspired Anne to give a legacy gift to the institution.


Wisconsin Donor Proudly Gives to Honor Husband
Lois M. Kaster is grateful that National Jewish Health helped her husband, Ben, better manage his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and asthma before he passed away in 2012. Now she honors his memory by supporting the nation’s leading respiratory hospital by investing in charitable gift annuities.


Typographical Error
Warren Kramer escaped Nazi Germany through the Kindertransport to England.  As a refugee, he finished school and learned the printing trade, which turned into a lifelong career. Those proofreading skills failed him when he confused two charities, but he luckily stumbled across one he loves -- National Jewish Health. He now supports the hospital through high-interest charitable gift annuities.


Generosity Through Generations
Joseph “Joe” Heller, PhD, of Arizona, is continuing a legacy of philanthropy to National Jewish Health that his mother, Esther, started in the 1940s. After more than 20 years of supporting the hospital, Joe gave a “blended gift,” which combines two giving vehicles. In this case, he gave an outright gift and a bequest, which is especially beneficial because the gifts provide vital funding now and for the future.


Legacy of Sgt. Tom Sullivan to Help Generations of Veterans with Lung Disease
Marine Sergeant Thomas Joseph Sullivan left for Iraq in 2004 in perfect health. Five years later at the age of 30, he died from asthma, heart disease, sleep apnea and other conditions that he developed overseas. Today, in honor of Tom, the Sergeant Sullivan Fund at National Jewish Health is dedicated to conducting life-saving research and providing compassionate care for the men and women returning from military service overseas who are struggling to breathe.


Veterans’ Group Donates to Child Life Program
Members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the 82nd Airborne raised funds and donated toys to help pediatrics at National Jewish Health.


Fifty Years of Support for ‘A Very Special Place’
Claire Surval began volunteering and fundraising for National Jewish after her brother was a patient during the 1950s. Recently, Claire set up a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) to continue her legacy of support.


Chicago Donor Honors Memory of His Sister by Donating to National Jewish Health
Seymour Angert supports National Jewish Health to honor the memory of his little sister, Renee, who died at age three.


From Broadway to the Corner of Colorado and Colfax
For nearly two decades, the National Asthma Association in New York has used a unique approach to raise funds for National Jewish Health and enjoy the best shows on Broadway.


A Family Legacy of Giving
When she became a donor, Gay Fischer of Ohio continued her mother’s longstanding of supporting National Jewish Health. Recently, Gay set up a charitable gift annuity, which she describes as a “win-win” for herself and the institution.


Groundbreaker Marianne Cohn
Marianne Cohn has been involved with National Jewish Health for more than 70 years. As a volunteer, board member, trustee and donor, she has made many groundbreaking accomplishments and shaped the future of National Jewish Health.


Generations of Support to National Jewish Health
When Devora Molitor’s father passed away, she learned something that she never knew about her parents, Oscar and Marian Feir. They had been donors to National Jewish Health. Though they had never been patients and did not suffer from any lung conditions, they had supported the institution.


A ‘Win-Win’ for Donor and National Jewish Health
After donating to National Jewish Health for more than a decade, Elisabeth Szegho of Chicago decided to set up a Charitable Gift Annuity. In return for her donation, she will receive a fixed amount each year for the rest of her life.


Giving Back and Receiving Income for Life
Marilyn and Jerry Senter of New York are longtime donors to National Jewish Health. The Senters recently set up a charitable gift annuity with National Jewish Health. “We like the idea of investing in annuities. It’s a good investment in the institution and provides us income for the rest of our lives,” Marilyn says.


‘Do Some Good’
Jack Hersh of California has focused his giving on hospitals that provide charity care and also conduct medical research. Through internet research, Jack found National Jewish Health, which fit both of his criteria. He has been a donor to the institution for more than two decades and recently set up a bequest in his will.


Guaranteed Income Now and in the Future
“I have always appreciated what National Jewish Health did for my family,” said Dixie. “They saved my uncle’s life.” When Dixie and her husband Bob began learning about gift annuities, they explored different options.


Nearly 50 Years of Giving
William Keller of Santa Fe, N.M., made his first donation to National Jewish Health in 1964. Since that time, he has continued supporting the hospital in a number of ways, including memorial gifts, one-time donations and charitable gift annuities.


Donors Discover Many Ways to Help
Every year, thousands of people donate to National Jewish Health. Their donations, big and small, come from around the nation and are vital to the enduring excellence of National Jewish Health. These stories highlight the extraordinary variety of donors and their gifts, and the experiences that inspired them to give.


'Everyone was really helpful'
In preparation for brain surgery, Amber underwent pre-surgical testing at National Jewish Health. Doctors looked at every aspect of her physical and psychological health and determined that she could have the surgery. Today, Amber is enjoying life with more freedom.


Esteemed Faculty to Leave Lasting Legacy for National Jewish Health
By including National Jewish Health in their will, two faculty members are helping to ensure that care and discovery will continue well into the future.


Feil Family Foundation Seed Grant for Translational Research
National Jewish Health will be able to help basic scientists and clinical researchers pursue new cures and treatments through its Translational Research Initiative, thanks to a $200,000 grant from the Feil Family Trust.


An unwavering commitment to National Jewish Health
For more than sixty years, Bea Asherman (1909 - 1999) dedicated her time and talents to National Jewish Health as a volunteer in the New York Auxiliary Chapter. She later became president of the chapter and went on to serve as a national auxiliary board member and trustee. The auxiliary chapters were the heart of the children’s home, and served as a remarkable fundraising mechanism that began in the 1920s and eventually grew to 1,500 auxiliaries across the country.


"They turned my life around."
Two physicians at National Jewish Health gave Shirley Stafford the starting point to change her life, providing her with relief from a variety of health problems that had plagued her for years. 


Charitable gift annuities: "We can all make a difference"
"We may not all be billionaires," says Jacob Goldstein, who established three Charitable Gift Annuities, "but we can all make a difference."


Their generous donation helped expand research facilities
Iris and Michael Smith generously donated $5 million to help construct a six-story clinic and research facility.


Maximizing return on their investments
Howard and Dorothy Berger established a $10,000 gift annuity in 2001.


Charitable remainder trust meets their investment goals
Milt and Jean Morris had been supporters of National Jewish Health for many years before establishing a charitable remainder trust, which better met their needs. 


Gift annuities: A win-win for retirement
Len and Alice Perlmutter have supported National Jewish Health for many years and are happy with their choice of gift annuities. 


Gift annuities: A look at the numbers
Read about John Kohberger's return on his investment with gift annuities.


Improving lives, while receiving income
Now a widow, Helen Rider says she relies on the income she receives from her annuities.


Gift annuities: Opportunity for financial return and tax benefits
Sara gave her first gift to National Jewish Health in 1973. She gave faithfully and frequently through the years to her "favorite hospital."