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Life Gets Back on the Green

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Even over the phone, Michael Brown’s voice is a hypodermic of pure energy. Indeed, the first word neurologist Jinny Tavee, MD, uses to describe him these days is “ebullient.” But it wasn’t always this way.

Golfer on the green

When Brown first saw Dr. Tavee at National Jewish Health in 2021, his usual charisma was muffled. “He just seemed so depressed when I met him,” recalls Dr. Tavee. “He had so much pain and numbness in his legs, severe headaches and vertigo. He couldn't stand having light in his eyes. It was intense, and it kept getting worse over time.” 

Anyone would have trouble with Brown’s symptoms. Since 2007, he’d been battling multisystem sarcoidosis, a rare disease that causes inflammation and tissue damage. In this case, the neurological complications, in particular, were a cause of constant discomfort. “I was unable to do anything when these symptoms were occurring, and they were occurring about 8-10 hours a day,” Brown says. It was difficult for Brown to ascend a stairwell, much less play golf, something he’d enjoyed for years prior to the onset of his condition.

Dr. Tavee was able to intervene with a new regimen of treatments that put Brown back on track. Within six months of working with Dr. Tavee and her team at National Jewish Health, Brown began thriving, both at work, where he was able to maintain a leadership role, and at play, as he once again hit the links. “Dr. Tavee is very inspirational,” says Brown. “She always leaves you with a positive attitude. And, you know, having seen her when I was at my worst and having seen her when I was at my best, she always treats you the same. She walked me through every step.”

Now every time he greets Dr. Tavee for his appointments, Brown sports a signature red Tiger Woods polo shirt — a reminder of everything he’s regained. His vibrant personality is back, and in full swing.


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