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Patients visit our campus every day, seeking our expert care for allergies. Read our patients' stories and learn how you can support our work in allergy research and treatment.

Ian Kearney

Ian Kearney

Ian Kearney is an 18-year-old from Las Vegas, who now attends college in Iowa and plays Division 3 soccer. He was born with food allergies and has had to restrict his eating to the same few foods that he knows are safe.

Noah Fitzsimmons with a fish

Noah Fitzsimmons

During his first 14 months of life, Noah violently shook his body because he itched from head to toe with severe eczema. Today, Noah is a thriving 7-year-old, and his mother credits National Jewish Health with significantly improving the quality of her son’s life so he could just be a normal kid.

Madison Hassett smiling with her mom

Madison Hassett

When milk touched Madison’s skin it looked like a severe burn. Read how her mom, beat food allergy fears after getting a second opinion at National Jewish Health for Kids.

Josiah and Emily with their grandmother

Finding Answers for Josiah

Josiah and Emily are siblings who both have chronic health issues. Josiah has severe asthma, eczema, environmental allergies and recurrent anaphylaxis. Emily has asthma that affects her ability to be physically active. Josiah often visited the emergency department weekly and missed a considerable amount of school – until he was referred to National Jewish Health and Morgridge Academy. The treatment that Josiah and Emily received at National Jewish Health for Kids turned their health completely around. They became students at Morgridge Academy, which has provided the special care than they need to keep their conditions managed and stay in class. Read Josiah’s and Emily’s story.