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Michael Strong

Michael Strong, PhD, is a researcher at National Jewish Health. Dr. Strong is in the Center for Genes, Environment & Health and Office of Academic Affairs.

Special Interests

Research Interests

Dr. Strong’s research focuses on synergistic genomic, computational and molecular strategies to disease and disease pathogenesis. I am particularly interested in developing and applying computational methods to better generate, integrate and analyze genomic and proteomic information, with a focus on respiratory disease and disease pathogens, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Some of Dr. Strong’s current collaborative projects include complete genome sequencing, gene expression analysis, protein and gene network analysis, and structural informatics. It is Dr. Strong’s hope that these strategies will help elucidate the underlying mechanisms of disease and suggest new ways to combat, prevent and limit disease and drug resistance.



University of California, Los Angeles, PhD


2006 - 2010
Harvard Medical School, Postdoctoral Fellow

Awards & Recognition

Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund For Medical Research, Postdoctoral Fellowship, Harvard Medical School
National Institutes of Health, National Research Service Award (Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant, UCLA)
Paul D. Boyer Outstanding Teaching Award

Professional Memberships

University of Colorado, Center for Global Health, Affiliate
International Society for Computational Biology, Member

Academic Affiliations

Faculty, Computational Bioscience Program, University of Colorado Denver

Teaching & Professional Positions

University of Colorado Denver, Bioinformatics I, CPBS 7711
University of Colorado Denver, Bioinformatics II, CPBS 7712