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Nursing at National Jewish Health

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Nursing at National JewishNursing is central to all we do at National Jewish Health. Patients tell us that our nursing staff are invaluable for helping patients understand and manage their diseases, explaining tests and procedures in understandable language and navigating the health care system.

Read what some patients shared recently:


What Our Patients Say

  • “I have always felt respected & well cared for @ National Jewish.”
  • “You have helped me feel so much better!”
  • “I was treated with importance by all staff members. Love you guys.”
  • “Nurses are very nice and always friendly.”
  • “She is extremely attentive and always helping out in any way. “
  • “Nurses are excellent.”
  • “… helped with all my questions and super knowledgeable.”
  • “…provides excellent care and answers all my questions.”
  • “The technician who did my vitals and breathing test was a ray of sunshine as she encouraged me how to breathe into the apparatus.”

We used patient comments to create this image that shows appreciation for our nurses.

Patient care infographic


What Our Nurses Say

Want to know what it's like to work as a nurse at National Jewish Health? Read what some of our nurses have to say.

  • "I enjoy the many opportunities to educate patients and families. It's great to see that patients have more control over their disease simply by knowing more."
  • "I continue to be impressed by the dedication and expertise of the nurses I work with. The nurses give 110% to the patients and families for whom they care."
  • "Every day I work becomes a learning experience in some way. Patients provide me with a wide, varied range of diagnoses which always challenge me and continue to teach me."
  • "I enjoy working in a specialized area in which I can frequently use my skills of assessment and nursing care in both acute and non-acute care."
  • "I work in an environment where everyone is constantly challenging themselves to the do best they can, and always is looking to improve upon the status quo."

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