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Gongyi Zhang

Gongyi Zhang, PhD, is a researcher at National Jewish Health. Dr. Zhang is in the Department of Immunology and Genomic Medicine.

Special Interests

Research Interests

Epigenetics, Transcriptional Regulations and cancers, Protein folding and Neurodegenerative diseases, Anticancer drug development.



Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, PhD

Awards & Recognition

2001-2005: PEW Scholar Award

Board Certification

Joint appointments in Department of Immunology & Microbiology, Pharmacology, and Biomolecular Structure Program, University of Colorado Denver

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Chao Wang, Zhongzhou Chen, Xia Hong, Fangkun Ning, Haolin Liu, Jianye Zang, Xiaoxue Yan, Jennifer Kemp, Catherine A. Musselman, Tatinna G. Kutateladze, Chengyu Jiang, Gongyi Zhang (2014). The Structural Basis of Urea-Induced Protein Unfolding. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 2014 Nov;70(Pt 11):2840-7. doi: 10.1107/S1399004714018094. Epub 2014 Oct 16.
Ning F, Wang C, Berry KZ, Kandasamy P, Liu H, Murphy RC, Voelker DR, Nho CW, Pan CH, Dai S, Niu L, Chu HW, Gongyi Zhang (2014). Structural characterization of the pulmonary innate immune protein SPLUNC1 and identification of lipid ligands. FASEB J. 2014 Sep 15. pii: fj.14-259291. [Epub ahead of print]
Hong X, Zang J, White J, Wang C, Pan CH, Zhao R, Murphy RC, Dai S, Henson P, Kappler JW, Hagman J, Zhang G. Interaction of JMJD6 with single-stranded RNA. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Aug 17;107(33):14568-72. Epub 2010 Aug 2.
Chen, Z., Zang, J., Whetstine, J., Hong, X., davrazou, F., Kutateladze, T.G., Simpson, M., Mao, Q., Pan, C., Dai, S., Hagman, J., Hansen, K., Shi, Y., Gongyi Zhang. 2006. Structural Insights into Histone Demethylation by JMJD2 Family members. Cell, 2006 May 2; [Epub ahead of print].
Yingfang Liu, Xia Hong,  John Kappler, Ling Jiang, Rongguang Zhang, Liangguo Xu,  Cheol-Ho Pan, Wesley E. Martin, Robert C. Murphy, Hong-Bing Shu, Shaodong Dai, and Gongyi Zhang. (2003). Ligand-receptor binding revealed by the TNF  family member  sTALL-1. Nature 423, 49-56.

Conflicts of Interest

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