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Sarah Sasse

Sarah Sasse, PhD, is a researcher at National Jewish Health. Dr. Sasse is in the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine.

Special Interests

Asthma is a complex disorder involving excessive inflammatory signaling and pathologic structural remodeling of the airway, both of which contribute to reduced lung function and associated symptoms. The glucocorticoid receptor (GR) is one of the most commonly targeted molecules in the treatment of asthma, yet the mechanisms by which GR signaling suppresses airway inflammation, and how (or whether) GR action reverses pathologic remodeling, are not well understood. My research investigates both of these important areas by utilizing standard techniques in molecular biology (qPCR, ChIP-qPCR, reporter assays) and cutting edge next-generation/genomic tools (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, GRO-seq) in culture models of human airway cell populations. Through these studies, I have developed substantial expertise in the molecular biology of gene regulation and a general interest in the relationships between gene regulation, genetic variation, therapeutics and lung disease.



2004 - 2006
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, MA, Psychology
2004 - 2009
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, PhD, Psychology and Neuroscience
1998 - 2002
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, BA, Psychology