Division of Specialty Services

Carrie A. Horn, MD, Chief Medical Officer

What do we do? The Division of Specialty Services at National Jewish Health oversees clinical programs in surgery, anesthesiology, otolaryngology (ENT or ear, nose and throat), and diabetes, augmenting the scope and spectrum of care available at National Jewish Health. Working in close partnership with the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics and Radiology, the Division of Specialty Services is an integral component of our patient care services.

Programs within the Division of Specialty Services include:

Thoracic surgery and general surgery are available for consultation.

Thoracic surgery specializes in procedures and surgeries of the lungs and chest. Our thoracic surgeons work closely with our pulmonologists, oncologists, interstitial lung disease experts, gastroenterologists and general surgeons as part of our multidisciplinary care model.

General surgery cares for a broad spectrum of surgical issues, and also has expertise in specialized procedures and surgeries for problems of the gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach, and intestines). Most of our surgeries are performed at the Saint Joseph Hospital campus.

Otolaryngology services include rhinosinusology, laryngology and other procedures that are associated with upper respiratory tract (sinuses, mastoids, nose, throat and voice box) related conditions. 

The Diabetes Self-Management Patient Education Program helps patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes achieve their best possible health status and quality of life by providing patient-focused education, skills and training.

Why National Jewish Health? Our team of experts is focused exclusively on complex pulmonary and thoracic procedures and surgeries as well as complex autoimmune mediated diseases. We are leading in the area of respiratory care and bring this knowledge to our work in general, thoracic and ENT surgeries.

Division of Specialty Services

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