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Summary: Top 10 CPAP Life Hacks

  1. Try different masks to find what best fits your face.
  2. Use a CPAP pillow to stop your mask from shifting.
  3. Try a nasal mask or nasal pillows if you feel claustrophobic. 
  4. Utilize comfort settings to improve tolerability.
  5. Adjust humidity and tube temperature to prevent nasal and mouth dryness.
  6. Use a nasal saline rinse for congestion.
  7. Increase tube temperature and use a tube cover to prevent condensation and water dripping on your face.
  8. Change mask cushions regularly to prevent leaks.
  9. Use mask cushion covers or cloth masks to lessen irritation.
  10. Practice using your CPAP during relaxing daytime activities (watching TV, reading a book, etc.).




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