Shaking the Sodium Out of Your BBQ

Shaking the sodium out of your BBQ

This information has been reviewed and approved by Brett E. Fenster, MD, FACC, FASE, Ann Mullen, AE-C, CNS, MSN, RN and Michelle O. MacDonald, RD, MS (June 2015).



Shaking The Sodium Out of Your BBQ Summary:

Too much sodium increases your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Sodium is hidden in prepared and processed foods including hot dogs, lunch meat, canned foods, sauces, dressings, store-made salads and processed cheese.


Sodium in BBQ Food Statistics

  • A Typical BBQ Meal = 3,233 mg
  • Recommended Sodium Intake = 1,500 mg/day *
  • Baked beans = 1,100 mg/cup 
  • Chips = 262 mg
  • Coleslaw = 388 mg/cup
  • Soda = 45 mg/can
  • Hot dog with fixings = up to 1,434 mg/ea.


Reduce your Sodium Intake with These Healthier Choices

  • Fresh meat: fish, chicken or other lean meats
  • Hearty vegetables: Portobello mushrooms, asparagus, eggplant, quinoa burger
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable salads with low-sodium dressings
  • Enhance flavor with lemon juice and herbs
  • Sweet or white potato fries baked in light olive oil drizzle
  • Low or no sodium condiments
  • Use prepared toppings sparingly
  • Water, fruit infused water
  • Unsweetened iced tea

* The American Heart Association recommendation if you are over age 51, African American or have high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney disease.



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