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Beryllium LPT (BeLPT): Gold Standard Test

Exposure to beryllium can be toxic and lead to adverse health effects, including beryllium sensitization (BeS) and chronic beryllium disease (CBD). Individuals sensitized to beryllium are asymptomatic; however, BeS greatly increases the risk of developing CBD. 

Beryllium sensitization is diagnosed with the BeLPT, which is the gold standard test for diagnosing beryllium sensitization. The BeLPT is routinely performed remotely and is sensitive and specific for beryllium-related health effects.


More Than Two Decades of Experience

National Jewish Health Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories developed the first diagnostic blood test for beryllium sensitization called the Beryllium Lymphocyte Proliferation Test (BeLPT) in the 1990s.

Currently our laboratory performs more than 12,000 BeLPTs annually and is the leading beryllium sensitization testing laboratory in the United States.


BeLPT Testing for Workers

The BeLPT is a standard screening tool for occupational health and safety providers whose workers are exposed to beryllium.

Contact the Division of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at National Jewish Health if you are interested in more information about medical surveillance using lymphocyte proliferation testing in your workers.