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Immunology & Flow Cytometry: Comprehensive Assessment of the Immune System

Claire M. Coeshott, PhD, Director

For more than 20 years, National Jewish Health Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories has developed esoteric immunology lab tests that analyze the innate and adaptive immune system. 

We offer a comprehensive suite of immunological tests and work with basic scientists and clinical researchers to translate immunological discoveries into laboratory developed tests.

Innate and Adaptive Immune System Expertise

  • Allergy Testing, including IgE and T-Cell-mediated disorders such as metal sensitivity
  • Primary Immune Deficiencies
  • Autoimmunities such as chronic urticaria and myositis


Diagnostic Immunological Tests

  • Immunoglobulin and antibody quantification
  • IgE detection using ImmunoCAP
  • Multi-color flow cytometry for immune cell subsets (T-Cell, B-Cell, etc)
  • Autoantibody detection
  • Serum precipitins

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Immunology and Flow Cytometry Services

  • Biomarker development and validation
  • Custom multi-color flow cytometry, including analysis of surface, intracellular and signaling molecules
  • Immune system monitoring
  • Immunogenicity studies
  • Serum and cell-based assay development for preclinical and clinical trials
  • Study and protocol design consultation
Claire M. Coeshott

Claire M. Coeshott, PhD