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FAQ for Referring Physicians

Question: How do we start the referral process? What information do you need?

Answer: You may refer a patient by phone, fax or online.

  • Phone: Simply call the Physician Line at 1.800.652.9555 to talk with a nurse who will take patient demographic and diagnostic information. The nurse will offer to contact the patient for additional information and to schedule the appointment.
  • Fax: Print the pdf version of the online form and fax it to 303.270.2162. All information will be submitted through a secure server.
  • Online: Complete and submit the online referral form. The patient will be contacted to schedule the appointment and you will be contacted if additional information is needed. Privacy Policy Statement


Question: How long will the evaluation take?

Answer: Each evaluation is different depending on the diagnostic needs of the referring provider and patient.


Question: What medical records do you need for my patient?

Answer: Please have your patient bring a copy of all medical records from the last year related to the issue for which they will be seen at National Jewish Health.


Question: How do you determine which specialty or program is best for the patient?

Answer: We use the detailed medical information from the referral form, your office staff and the patient to determine the specialty, testing needs and urgency so we can schedule accordingly.


Question: What is the wait time for appointments?

Answer: We always offer the first available appointment, but sometimes delays in verifying insurance can delay scheduling.


Question: What unusual diseases do you treat?

Answer: We treat a wide spectrum of chronic and unusual diseases. Please call our Physician Line if you would like to talk with a National Jewish Health specialist about an unusual or rare disease. View a list of conditions we treat.