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Complement: The Immune System’s Most Aggressive Mechanism Against Infection

Manuel Galvan, PhD, Director

The complement system is the innate immune system’s first line of defense against infection. When the complement system becomes inappropriately activated – or when it does not activate as it should – serious health problems can result. National Jewish Health Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories offer a range of services in complementology – from patient diagnostics to drug development.


Diagnosing Complement Deficiencies

  • Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories has a comprehensive menu of diagnostic tests that help clinicians determine whether complement defects or deficiencies are factors in patients with recurrent severe infections or symptoms of autoimmune disease.


Complement Diagnostic Tests

  • CH50 (classical pathway) and AH50 (alternative pathway) screening for total complement function, with follow-up testing for components consistent with the results of these screens

  • Identification of specific complement component deficiencies at the molecular and genetic level

  • Quantification of individual complement proteins

  • Measurement of complement activity to monitor therapeutic responses in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapies

  • Identification of hereditary complement deficiencies, including atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) and hereditary angieodema (HAE)

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Complement Activation and Drug Development

Biopharmaceuticals or medical devices can cause off-target complement activation that leads to destructive inflammation. Unlike IgE-mediated allergy, complement mediated reaction can occur at the first exposure to a drug without prior sensitization. Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories offer a complete menu of tests that can be used to analyze complement activation in the pre-clinical and clinical trial setting.

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Complement Preclinical & Clinical Testing Services

  • Clinical, in-vitro, and in-vivo complement studies, including access to a breadth of non-human test systems

  • Development of custom assays for the detection, analysis and quantification of complement proteins

  • Consultation on the development of non-complement activating biological therapies and nanoparticular drug delivery systems

For complement study and general complement lab Inquires, please contact our Business Development Team.  

Manuel Galvan

Manuel Galvan, PhD