10 Ways to Curb Hidden Allergens at Home Infographic

This information has been reviewed and approved by Mike Van Dyke, PhD, CIH (January 2013).

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Summary: 10 Ways to Curb Hidden Allergies at Home

  1. Avoid smoke particles; skip the wood-burning fireplace and don't smoke inside

  2. Keep pets out of the bedroom; limit dander in your sleeping area

  3. Take off your shoes; avoid tracking in allergens

  4. Avoid scenting your home; room sprays, scented candles and oils can trigger allergies

  5. When buying furniture, avoid cloth material and look for easy-to-clean surfaces

  6. Wash bed linens and curtains to reduce allergens in the air

  7. Humidity levels matter; too much moisture increases mold and dust mites

  8. Use HEPA filters in your vacuum and furnace

  9. Use solid flooring like tile, wood and linoleum; they are easiest to keep clean

  10. Use exhaust fans in kitchen and bathroom to lessen cooking fumes and moisture


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