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This information has been reviewed and approved by Frederick S. Wamboldt, MD (September 2019).


Depression Quiz

Can you answer yes to five or more of these items?


Do you:

 Yes  No  Cry much more easily and more frequently than usual?
 Yes  No  Can't laugh or enjoy yourself?
 Yes  No  Feel sad more days than not for several weeks in a row?
 Yes  No  Feel worthless or have low self-esteem?
 Yes  No  Feel hopeless about ever feeling better?
 Yes  No  Sleep is disrupted with early waking, restlessness?
 Yes  No  Have a hard time falling asleep?
 Yes  No  Sleep either much more or much less than usual?
 Yes  No  Seem more sensitive to criticism than is usual?
 Yes  No  Feel excessively guilty?
 Yes  No  Think about suicide or wishing your life would end?
 Yes  No  Eat more or less than usual?
 Yes  No  Have decreased interest in favorite people or activities?
 Yes  No  Have decreased energy or motivation?
 Yes  No  Find it difficult to concentrate and solve problems?
 Yes  No  Feel irritable with everyone and everything in your life?


If you checked 5 or more items on this quiz, please contact your doctor for help with depression.

If you feel suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255.

Depression Resources


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