Officers & Administration

The Officers and Administration work closely with the Board of Directors to create a vision for the institution. These leaders then work to implement that vision with all faculty, staff and supporters by recruiting great people and setting policy.




President and CEO


Michael Salem, MD  


Chair, Board of Directors


Richard Baer


Vice Chairs, Board of Directors

Robin Chotin, Denver, CO

Don Silversmith, Denver, CO

Evan Zucker, Denver, CO


Secretary, Board of Directors

Robin Chotin, Denver, CO


Treasurer, Board of Directors

Larry Silverstein, New York, NY


Assistant Treasurer, Board of Directors,
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Christine Forkner



Co-Chairs, Council of National Trustees

Stephen Siegel and Wendy Siegel, New York, NY


Vice Chair, Council of National Trustees

Albert D. Angel, West Orange, NJ


Regional Vice Chairs, Council of
National Trustees

Jeffrey Kapor, Los Angeles, CA

Tom Flexner, New York, NY

Gary Silversmith, Washington, DC

Bob Paller, Atlanta, GA



Department Chairs


Interim Chair, Department of Medicine

Kevin K. Brown, MD


Chair, Department of Pediatrics

Pamela L. Zeitlin, MD, MPhil, PhD


Chair, Department of Radiology

Debra Dyer, MD


Chair, Department of Biomedical Research

Philippa Marrack, PhD



Executive Leadership


Chief Operating Officer

Ron Berge, MBA


Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs

Gregory Downey, MD


Chief Medical Officer

Stephen Frankel, MD, FCCM, FCCP


Executive Director, Quality & Safety

Gary Cott, MD


Vice President, Communications,

Lauren Green-Caldwell


Chief Information Officer

Laszlo Pook, MBA


Vice President, Development

Lisa Tadiri


Vice President, Human Resources

Sarah Walker



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