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Clean Air Projects

Why care about air quality and human health?

  • Air pollutants cause more than 9 million deaths annually. 1

  • Globally, outdoor air pollution has been recognized as a major public health concern and is estimated to have contributed: 2

    • 500,000 lung cancer deaths

    • 1.6 million COPD deaths

    • 19% of all cardiovascular deaths

    • 21% of all stroke deaths

  • Nearly half of all Americans live with unhealthy air. 3

  • Exposure to air pollutants is linked with poor asthma control in children. 4

  • 56% of Americans want to take action to protect the environment, but they don’t know what to do. 4

  • Nearly 80% of Americans are heavily influenced by incorrect or outdated environmental myths. 5


What did the development process include?

Several steps were completed to identify the best lesson plans and resources based on sound evidence and pedagogical principles. These steps included:

  • performing a needs assessment and environmental scan

  • retrieving and reviewing existing resources/lesson plans

  • blueprinting of the lesson plans to the Colorado curriculum standards (Colorado Department of Education and Colorado Student Assessment Program)

  • reviewing the lesson plans/resources against criteria for effective education

  • reviewing and rating of the lesson plans by educators. 

For additional detail and information about the developmental process please download the report, Bridging Colorado’s Youth and Educators to Environment-Human Health Research.


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