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Clean Air Projects

Clean Air Campaign: Climate Change and Air Pollution

Grades: 9-12

Description: Students will gain background knowledge regarding the effect of air pollution on climate change. The class will discuss what students already know about climate change and complete Personal Solutions worksheet. Students will calculate family's CO2 emissions and savings.

5 Star Rating:

Likes: Students calculate their personal emissions and see the results.

Dislikes: Too much for the extension section. They should really flesh out a great deal of material and understand it before answering those questions.

Helpful Hints: I found a good at the exploration:

Missing Elements: N/A

Additional Comments: N/A

5 Star Rating:

Likes:  The description section includes a list of classes where this content would be most appropriate. The lesson has an overall focus on self-assessment (how the students’ families have their own impact on the environment and what solutions they can take to improve that). I also like the “jigsaw” approach to the IPCC report (breaking up the content areas into small groups and having students present to the whole class)

Dislikes: PowerPoint seems to disengage students.  Activity #3 has no personal relevance to high school students. 

Helpful Hints: Perhaps pair students up, create faux family fata, and have the student plug in the information and present to the group.

Missing Elements: Class warm up needs to ensure that everyone is “warmed up” not just the few participating in the class discussion. 

Additional Comments:  I believe students will be walking away from this lesson with at least some idea of their families’ environmental impact.  With a few adjustments to the activities, this lesson could be much better….it currently has a very “busy work” feel to it.