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Clean Air Projects

Clean Air Campaign: The Colors of Air Pollution Relay

Description: Students will investigate air quality by using the Air Quality Index. Students will distinguish between healthy air days and unhealthy air days and how the Air Quality Index gives us important information about the air quality.

5 Star Rating: 

Likes:  I like that the lesson is active and makes topic tangible for students.  The color based learning is good for this age group.

Dislikes: The lesson requires having space for a relay.  Sometimes space is limited.

Helpful Hints: N/A

Missing Elements: N/A

Additional Comments: The lesson seems rather straight forward and easy to follow. Teaching steps are clear and concise.  Materials seem easily attainable in schools

5 Star Rating:

Likes: The directions provided are easy to follow.  The pictures help students understand.

Dislikes:  Some of the language (EPA,AQI) seems advanced for students of this age.

Helpful Hints: N/A

Missing Elements: N/A

Additional Comments: N/A