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Clean Air Projects

Thinkport:  Compare Your Air

Grades: 6, 7, 8

Description: Students will gain an understanding of the Air Quality Index. Divide students into groups to collect data about 2 locations over 5 years. Using the numbers of days with air quality rating of good, have the students draw a best fit curve to show trends in air quality in each location. Students will also calculate mean, modes, medians of number of days with good, moderate, unhealthy air and make predictions about the future and compare locations to each other.

5 Star Rating:

Likes: There is a good math/science connection.

Dislikes:  Some of the material was difficult to access/view.

Helpful Hints:  N/A

Missing Elements: N/A

Additional Comments:  I think that this lesson plan would be very challenging, but they would enjoy it, especially if you start off with the lunch rating system.

5 Star Rating:

Likes: There is good use of technology to gather and sort data and the grouping of students together to work in teams.  There is whole group discussion before students go off on their own.

Dislikes: There is a lot of material to cover in the amount of time given.  Students may not have the background knowledge to cover the material quickly.

Helpful Hints:  I always try to make students calculate without a calculator so they have more practice with basic math skills. 

Missing Elements: There needs to be alternative activities for students who are below level learners and advanced learners. 

Additional Comments: Instead of just allowing a lunch box score, have the students come up with a rating scale and something to rate as well.  May provide more ownership and buy into the lesson.