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Clean Air Projects

High School Lesson Plans

This is a list of lesson plans for high school grade level.


Air Pollution 101  (Grades 9-12)

Students will gain background knowledge of the basic sources of air pollution, along with an overview of how air pollution affects our health, out environment, and our economy.  The class will participate in a hands on discussion to visually understand the impact their choices have on air pollution.  Students will complete a worksheet detailing a description of each pollutant.

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Air Quality Index  (Grades 9-12)

Students will understand what pollutants are monitored for Air Quality Index; understand how the AQI is calculated. Students will read and report AQI charting and understand what AQI levels mean for Public Health.

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Climate Change and Air Pollution  (Grades 9-12)

Students will gain background knowledge regarding the effect of air pollution on climate change. The class will discuss what students already know about climate change and complete Personal solutions worksheet. Students will calculate family's CO2 emissions and savings.

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