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Clean Air Projects

Clean Air Campaign: Plants on Pollution Patrol

Grade: 4th Grade

Description: Students will discover what bio monitoring is and how it can help determine the ecological health of our national parks. The class will complete field studies, research the effects pollution has on plants and complete the "Plants on Patrol" worksheet.

5 Star Rating:

Likes: I like the trackstar information and data collection.

Dislikes: This does not seem like a ‘sure thing’ lesson because the identifying plants with damage can be difficult.

Helpful Hints: N/A

Missing Elements: N/A

Additional Comments: The time frame for ‘peak season’ makes me think twice because it is at the beginning of the school year.

5 Star Rating:

Likes: I think the web quest is good, but quite challenging.

Dislikes: The field work sounds good on paper, but how realistic is it for kids to go outside and find milkweed plants near their school?  Even if they exist in your school area, you have to do this lesson at a particular time of year that the leaves are accessible. It seems really unlikely.  I think it would be better if samples were collected and brought into the classroom.

Helpful Hints: If live samples cannot be obtained, you might be able to view the leaved and their respective changes in a youtube video made for classroom use.

Missing Elements: The samples should be provided to the teacher. Additional Comments: Lower level students would definitely need help with the reading level.