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Clean Air Projects

Community in Action

This was performed at STEM Magnet School - Northglenn, CO in November 2013.

Please check out the musical:  Every Breath We Take

Environmental Education Projects CAP funded:

Air Quality at Schools: Science, Activism, and Community Behavior Change

INVESTIGATOR: Jeff Buck: Denver Green Schools - Denver, CO

PROJECT SUMMARY: Students collected air quality data and develop testable questions. The data will be publicly shared, connecting students to citizen science efforts in Denver and around the world. Using air quality data, the school will adopt or create a data driven anti-idling campaign. 


Air Quality Monitoring at Front Range Community College

INVESTIGATOR: Kip Carrico, PhD: Front Range Community College - Fort Collins, CO

PROJECT SUMMARY: Students monitor, calibrate, and use an air quality monitor and will collect AQ data. Students learned about the health impacts of air quality and using the GO3 network, students shared data and compared different kinds of exposures from around the world.   


Asthma Awareness and Prevention

INVESTIGATOR: Loretta Erickson: North Middle School- Aurora Public Schools

PROJECT SUMMARY- Students conducted air quality testing at North Middle School and Roxborough State Park. Students participated in a Virtual Lung Lab through the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  Students planned an asthma awareness week with different activities each day and presented a Solution Showcase proposing solutions that adversely affect air quality.


Clean Air for Schools: Engines Off! (CASEO)

INVESTIGATOR: Kim Tyrell: American Lung Association in Colorado – Denver, CO

PROJECT SUMMARY: CASEO is a school based anti-idling intervention program. The program is designed to increase awareness about the harmful impacts of idling. Students collected idling data at pick up time pre/post intervention. CASEO was introduced to parents and signs installed around the school. The schools hosted a pledge drive to create awareness about idling.


Environmental Factors Affecting Respiratory Diseases

INVESTIGATORS: John Wolner, Pat Roberts: East Middle School – Aurora Public Schools

PROJECT SUMMARY: The overall goal of this project was to develop or identify activities/lesson plans that will supplement the middle school health sciences curriculum for the health sciences pathway (LIGHTS).  Activities included: virtual lung lab, air quality index lab, ozone, PM, CO activity, health effects of air pollution activity, and create a respiratory healthcare brochure.


"Every Breath We Take”

INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Gregg Cannady, PhD: STEM Magnet Lab School, Adams 12 - Northglenn, CO

PROJECT SUMMARY: Teachers educated their students about air quality and health and helped these students create a musical based on their research. Students performed the musical November 2013.


It’s All Up in the Air

INVESTIGATOR:  Lindy Bachman: Skyview Middle School - Colorado Springs, CO

PROJECT SUMMARY- Students participated in a variety of classroom activities to gain background information about air quality.  Using air quality monitors, students assessed the air quality in their school’s parking lot at pick-up time and gain insight into how this might contribute to overall student health. Using the data collected, students sent home an online newsletter that will be distributed educating families about the health effects of idling.


Measurement of Air Pollution from After - School Engine Idling

INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Russ Walker, PhD: Colorado Mesa University - Grand Junction, CO

PROJECT SUMMARY: The project engaged middle school students in exploring how air pollution concentrations may vary depending on whether or not motorists are idling their cars, and how the associated air pollutants may affect the health of students, teachers, staff and parents. Students developed and carried out an experiment involving collection of air samples and will interpret the results. 


My Lungs, My Life

INVESTIGATOR: Laura Farrell: Vikan Middle School - Brighton, CO

PROJECT SUMMARY: In this project, students tested their peak flow rates then research environmental factors that may change peak flow and discover why those changes may happen. Students participated in a virtual lung simulation and witnessed a sheep lung dissection through the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  Students participated in the Clean Air Club where they will conduct activities to keep Brighton’s air clean such as creating informational posters, talking to the community, and sponsoring a bike/walk to school day.


North Fork Valley Student Air Quality Monitoring Program

INVESTIGATOR: Sarah Sauter: The Conservation Center - Paonia, CO

PROJECT SUMMARY: This project is operated in partnership with Delta County School District and CU Boulder as part of a 3-year study.  Students collected and analyzed air quality data and developed recommendations based on their findings. Students developed a community presentation to share the findings, conclusions, and recommendations from their data.


Ozone Aware in Schools

INVESTIGATOR: Meg Alderton: Regional Air Quality Commission – Denver, CO

PROJECT SUMMARY: Through a partnership with Channel 7 meteorologists, OzoneAware visited area schools to educate youth regarding ground-level ozone pollution. Educational materials were developed to expand the conversation in the classroom. 


Ozone and Health: An Interactive, Computer-based Display for the John McConnell Math and Science Center

INVESTIGATOR: Teresa Coons, PhD: John McConnell Math and Science Center – Grand Junction, CO

PROJECT SUMMARY: The John McConnell Math and Science Center serves Western Colorado with more than 12,000 visitors in 2012. By creating an interactive display, participants learn about ozone and health, good and bad ozone and come away with steps that they can take to protect their own health.


Particles in the Air – We’re not Lichen it: A three-part program exploring the relationships with air quality, health, and the environment.

INVESTIGATOR: Judy Viola: Soaring Eagle Ecology Center - Red Feather Lakes, CO

PROJECT SUMMARY: The Soaring Eagle Ecology Center offers a 3-part program on 20 acres of SEEC land.  The program can be offered in three sections as one full day or three 2-hour programs. Participants monitor lichens as bio-indicators, learn about the respiratory system, and the effects of air pollution.


Utah Air Quality Education Project

INVESTIGATOR: Andree’ Walker: Utah Society for Environmental Education - Salt Lake City, UT

PROJECT SUMMARY: By using and adapting existing materials and correlating lessons to Utah core standards in Science, Health and Mathematics, USEE compiled, reviewed and adapted lesson plans to create a Utah Air Quality Curriculum, focused on improving the knowledge of air quality and health impacts. USEE will also provide three workshops to introduce the materials to Utah teachers.